Literary Theory and Criticism (Ph.D. core course)
Study of the theoretical foundation of literature and contemporary systems of critical approach to literary discourse

Historiography of Literature (Ph.D. core course)
Methodology and theory in the writing of literary history; periodization; continuity and change; literature and intellectual history

Methods of Literary Research (M.A. core course)
Introduction to methods of finding information on literary topics and to the major branches of literary scholarship

Cultural Representations of the Spanish Civil War
Representations for the Spanish Civil War in literature, film, and the other arts.

The Myth of El Dorado in Literature and Film
The Age of Discovery and Conquest in Hispanic literature and film 

Anarchism and Culture in the Hispanic World
An interdisciplinary approach to the cultural practices of Anarchism in Spain and Latin America

Contemporary Spanish American Novel
Study of the Spanish American Novel from 1950. The course focuses on the novelists who are best known for their innovations, defining and analyzing qualities which give originality and newness both in themes and language

Learning Technology in Spanish Pedagogy and Research
Exploration of the role of technology in today’s language and literature learning environment. Overview of the WWW, Network-based communication, and electronic databases related to Hispanic language and literature

Spanish American Historical Novel
The evolution of the historical novel in Spanish America from the Romantic period to the present. Stylistic, literary, and theoretical analysis of selected traditional and recent historical novels

Images of the Americas
Literary and cinematic representations of significant periods in the formation of Latin American politics, culture, and identity

History of Cuban Cinema
Overview of Cuban Cinema, from its origins to the present


Hispanic  Gothic: Horror and the Fantastic in Spain and Latin America
The forms and meaning of Gothic literature and film over the last two centuries in the Hispanic tradition

Spanish American Literature (B.A. core course)
Survey of Spanish American Literature, from the colonial period to the present

Literary Analysis
Theory of literary genres (narrative, poetry, drama, essay). Techniques for sensitive reading and discussion of literary texts

Tradition and Modernity in Latin American Cinema
Survey of Latin American Film. Topics include: relations between cinema and the state, ideology, national identity, class, race and ethnicity, gender, and political memory

Cuban Culture through Cinema
The evolution of popular culture in Cuba as expressed in films from the 1930s to the present

Latin American Film
The study of 20th Century films and documentaries produced by leading Latin American directors. Films are examined in relation to atin American Society and its literary creations.

El Dorado in Hispanic Literature and Film
Considers the works of Columbus, Cabeza de Vaca and Lope de Aguirre in contrast with contemporary reconstructions of their lives

Spanish American Novel II
Study of Spanish America’s outstanding novelists: Güiraldes, Carpentier, Cortázar, Fuentes, Vargas Llosa, Donoso, and García Márquez. Considers their works in relation to Spanish American themes